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Fay Irvanto

Nama Fay Irvanto
Spesialis / Bidang Leadership Charisma Guru
Bahasa Indonesia, Inggris
Kategori Leadership
Topik Leadership
Penguasaan Materi Leadership

Leadership Charisma Guru

Fay Irvanto

Fay Irvanto is a speaker, leadership mentor and professional Human Resource practitioner & Leadership Development mentor. With his 13 years global experience, Fay has handled various training, coaching or mentoring programs as well as taking personal development programs in Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam, Switzerland, Germany, France, Holland, Italy dan Spain.

Also known as his icon of Charismatic Leadership Guru, Fay has been trusted to privately mentor and provide consulation to Business Leaders, CEO's, Politician, Executives, Professionals & Public
Figures at national and international levels, among them are CEO Royal Garden Corp., VP Operations of LAZADA Indonesia, Senator of DPD Republic of Indonesia, CEO of Kubik Training, and CEO if Magnifique 360° agency that has been assigned to handle global brands such as Dior, Vespa, L'oréal, Makeover, Maybank and The Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubhisi UFJ.

Fay has helped several industry key players and well known organizations in training programs such as Toyota, Telkomsel, AXA, Hutchison Indonesia, Bank Danamon SEM, KPK, AXA, BJB Syariah, Herbalife Distributor, Oriflame leaders group, Mulia Group, Indonesian Attoruney General, Indonesian Supreme Audit Institution (BPK) and Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK).

Fay was requested to give analysis on the Charisma of President Joko Widodo during his presidential debate. His analysis highlights appeared in national media such as Indo Post, Jawa Post, etc.